Top Secret Gmail Tips & Tricks: 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

 Section 1: How to make Gmail your homepage

#1: Get the Feed Firefox Add-On

The feed is a great little add-on that gives you a quick view of your email activity at all times, regardless of what browser you're using. (This applies to Chrome and Internet Explorer as well.)

Click here for a quick Firefox extension tutorial.

Tip: While the Firefox add-on isn't as pretty as the one built into Chrome, it does do a lot of the same stuff, including tracking the subject line of the messages you receive, opening them in a separate tab, and reading a bit of the content of each email.

If you want to find out why we like the Firefox add-on so much, click here for more info.

Tip: If the page doesn't seem to load, try right-clicking on it and selecting "open in new tab.

How to use keyboard shortcuts

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How to split messages up by conversations

How to check a message sent by a chat group

How to use private browsing mode on Gmail

How to add people to a contact’s custom group in Gmail

How to set multiple mailboxes on Gmail

How to add and manage multiple accounts with Gmail

How to delete a message from Google Apps

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02:22 – SIP vs. SHARE.

24:03 – Me and Jaret’s much-anticipated talk on current competitive conditions in the Cloud workplace. What are companies doing that may be beneficial?

28:13 – CEM vs. COE.

32:41 – The evolution of the public cloud and OpenStack.

34:00 – What do we mean by the sustainability of the public cloud?

36:19 – Hypothetical scenarios.

How to delete emails without opening them

You can delete emails from Gmail without actually opening them.

You will only have to open up the email to delete it. All you have to do is highlight the message, right-click on the message, and click on 'Delete from Gmail'.

Click on 'Delete from Google Drive' and delete the message from your Google Drive account.

How to stop Gmail from creating a history of emails I've opened

Sometimes, you'll need to access information that you've sent to people. Unfortunately, Google can track emails you've sent to people as soon as they open it. You can prevent Google from doing that by heading to Gmail > Settings and privacy > Keypass.

To enable Keypass, click on the cog icon to the left of the 'Delete my emails?' text and scroll down to the very bottom. Click 'Turn on Keypass' to turn on Keypass.

How to change the look of Gmail

How to change the color scheme of Gmail

How to mute emails without deleting

How to highlight / color code emails with colored dots

How to hide certain folders

How to hide unread emails

How to set the color of your email as the background

How to hide emails without tapping on the inbox

How to delete a message without deleting the entire conversation

How to edit a contact in Gmail

How to track a mail using Gmail Import

How to access your Gmail settings by long pressing on the inbox

Top Secret Gmail Tips & Tricks: 7 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do

No more worrying about opening links! Open Gmail's "open in app" feature from a different app.

Shush your email! Add a link-notification that goes straight to Chrome's notification center.

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Gmail keyboard shortcuts

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Gmail tips and tricks that you don't know you need

Uninstall useless Chrome extensions

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The many Gmail add-ons you don't need to know

Do you really need a Gmail Pro account?

What happens when you want to use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) instead of Gmail's POP (Philips Evolution Secure Proximity) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) services? Most Gmail users have never even considered this important question because they don't know how to use the “POP in the Alternate e-mail Client" switch.

How to track where you’ve read your emails

Search for an email from a specific source

Search for a specific email in the Search box. All emails from the same source will appear in the results.

Quickly view emails using a reading list.

Read a text message, telephone message, or website URL from within Gmail

Use a message digest feature to view an entire email message, including attachments and rich media.

Send and receive text messages from Gmail

Search and send specific file types to other people in your address book

Select a contact from your address book, click the Text tab, and choose a file from your phone or device.

Check out our full list of Gmail tips and tricks here

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Today, we have got great news for those Google users who didn't know how to set a message in different themes using the Gmail app.

Most of the people who use the Google Chrome browser usually set their message as different themes as per their liking. And now, the same thing can be done using the Gmail app as well.

For example, let's see some of the most asked and little-known things about the Gmail app. The things were tried and tested by the users to work on different occasions.

So, let's get started with the most obvious things that you didn't know that you could do with your Gmail app.

1. Set Right Theme Using Gmail

If you are one of those users who wants to change the theme of your Gmail account, it is quite easy as well as quick.

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