How To Use Your Camera To Make You Money

 Section 1: The Camera

How To Use Your Camera To Make You Money

But What Is A Camera?

A camera is basically a device that converts light into visible form. This is basically a lens that is designed to focus light onto the sensor which converts into an image. That image is then sent to your phone or a computer for you to share. So your phone or your computer has a lens which makes it able to take pictures and you can share them with other people.

How does the lens work?

Well, the lens has a design which consists of a lens that focuses the light on the image which is going to the sensor (the device which converts the light into an image) and some other components which are the optics which focus the light onto the sensor and the rest of the circuitry which is the CPU that controls how the image is converted to an image.

Understanding Your Camera

Understanding Your Camera

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How to make money from your camera [Video]!”

Filmmaker Steve Huffman is looking for the lost camera of a friend’s cousin, and it’s the perfect opportunity to step into the often confusing world of street photography and go from there. In this video, he introduces us to some basic principles of street photography and talks about how your camera can be an instrument that you can use to make money.

In the video, Huffman describes some photography basics, from the technical aspect to how the creative part of street photography is applied, before moving on to some of the more important factors of making money from your photos.

Setting Up Your Camera

Setting Up Your Camera

Doing your own little thing for your personal income…

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Don’t worry, you can still make money with your camera, with a little bit of effort and forethought.

Here are some things you can do that are guaranteed to bring in more cash for you and your gear.

Check your Trade-ins

There are a variety of sites online that let you cash in on old camera gear.

A good place to start is probably eBay. From there you can link your eBay account to your different PayPal accounts. The sites I recommend for this are:

Buy Pics


Jupiter photo


They all work in a very similar way, but let me take a brief moment to make a comparison. If you go to eBay or any of these sites and scan through the listings, you will see a lot of very inexpensive camera gear, and nothing good.

Working With Colors

Working With Colors

Getting Your Work Out To The World

Using Social Media

You can also check out their amazing portfolio here!

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Working With Shapes

Working With Shapes

Photography isn't just a hobby anymore. A job is a job.

If you're already a professional photographer and have ambitions of earning a living from photography, don't start printing and hanging your photos on your wall. Get out there and make some money!

This time of year, the blogosphere is stuffed with articles written by budding photographers offering up tips and tricks to make money from photography. I often get asked how to sell my photos. I have received quite a bit of traffic this time of year when I post about online and print media companies looking for photographers. But here's my tried and true list of "tips for making money from your photos."

Consignment shops.

You've seen them, maybe even done a couple shows at a local consignment store.

How To Use Your Camera To Make You Money

How To Use Your Camera To Make You Money

Modern Photography is so difficult and expensive, you may wonder why any non-professionals are willing to take pictures. In fact, many of you are still wondering how you can make money from digital photography. The thing is that just about anyone can make money with photography as long as you focus on monetizing it properly. What is the focus of digital photography? Most people would start by shooting photographs of local events, art, and landscapes. But you can’t simply show up at an event and start taking photos for everyone. You need to develop your skills and get involved with some serious advertising and promotional work. You have to understand what is needed to be a professional photographer and you have to have the stamina to continuously produce new good images.

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