Content Marketing: The Power of Blogging for Your Brand

 Section 1: Content marketing and its benefits

Content marketing and its benefits

Everyone agrees that content marketing is more effective than any other form of marketing today. The power of content marketing is visible in the numbers. And in fact, the power of content marketing has never been more apparent than in the following numbers:

In a study by research firm 360i, we learned that 92% of marketers surveyed at the most recent Content Marketing World conference felt that content was "extremely or very" effective at building brands. In a survey of more than 2,000 marketers conducted by research firm OMM in 2011, more than 75% of respondents were satisfied with the effectiveness of their content marketing efforts.

An infographic published by Best Practices, Inc.

How to create a blog post

How to create a blog post

How to publish a blog post

Blog posts are effective and relatively easy to create for a business of any size and scope. Here are five ways to make your blog posts stand out from your competition.

Learn How to Create a Blog Post

Blog posts can be two-sided content, meaning you can provide valuable information or provide value to your readers.

You should create a blog post that can both be helpful to your visitors and helpful to you as a business.

Content marketing is all about creating and publishing valuable content that can get people engaged in your blog.

3 Reasons to Create a Blog Post

Blog posts are generally a great way to engage your audience.

Where to start when blogging

Where to start when blogging

There are more online marketing blogs than you can imagine and we at Trusted Sources can personally vouch for each and every one of them. But what is the purpose of a blog? What does it tell us about you?

Writing a blog is all about being open and honest about your product and service while helping your audience. It also helps build your brand and connects you to a wider audience who will benefit from your content marketing.

Useful content

While a blog is still a blogging format, many people use it for informative content. It could be a blog about a topic you're experts in, a tutorial, an informative article or even a report.


Your blog is an extension of yourself and your knowledge of the subject, so make sure it stands out from the rest.

Blogging tips

Blogging tips

That's one part of content marketing that you can put into practice right now. The next bit of advice for creating a site that's useful for your readers is to take the time to develop a content strategy.

That means coming up with ideas that are as specific and targeted as possible and planning ways to share those ideas with your audience in a way that makes the most of the space on the page, such as adding videos to the posts and embedding social media buttons.

If you put time into the content strategy, you'll get to see a much more visible result – which isn't to say that you won't benefit from a little creativity.

Target your readers

Once you've got an idea in mind, start thinking about who your readers are, and what they'll be interested in.

Types of posts

Types of posts

Thinking of blogging as you would think of starting a new blog? Here's what to consider.

Lifestyle brands often share trend pieces on a regular basis, whereas brand media teams spend a lot of time creating content for a whole range of purposes.

From long-form articles to news stories, all kinds of articles need to be written. Most of these have one thing in common: they are engaging.

For example, Facebook Instant Articles are essentially magazine-like web pages.

Research tells us these types of articles and images tend to engage readers.

Where to find these types of posts

So how do you find these posts?

I've got some tips.

Find posts that follow a distinct pattern. As with many things in life, there is a consistent pattern to posts that we've identified as "entertaining".

Evergreen posts

Evergreen posts

Content marketing for bloggers can be a whole 'nother ballgame, even though it is essentially the same.

As a content marketer, you are a "go-to" resource for any number of industry experts. Often you have a back-and-forth relationship with them like they're your best friends or part of your "family."

This relationship can be especially important if you are creating your own content, as well. You'll be able to help them with a ton of questions, brainstorm ideas, and so on.

There's no doubt that you'll see them as your "winnest" tools. They are the most effective way to help promote and grow your business.

Naturally, you'll want to be doing all the blogging around the clock for them.

The benefits of blogging for your brand

The benefits of blogging for your brand

With the rise of content marketing, many businesses have seen that it’s the key to long-term growth and brand awareness.

Content marketing has been an integral part of the strategy of many marketers and online business owners, and for good reason.

The potential benefits of content marketing are as follows:


One of the best things about content marketing is that it can be very consistent. This is great for your brand’s image, and for search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is all about content. Content is what Google and other search engines are primarily looking for when searching the internet.

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