4 Ways to Add Variety to Your Blogging: New Content Types for Your Blog

Section 1: Why Variety is Important

The more content there is on your blog, the more readers there will be. People aren't reading blogs just to hear your opinions on a particular subject, although that is part of it, you also need to provide some level of entertainment, entertainment that you created and are passionate about.

Another reason for diversification is that it gives you a little more leeway in terms of editing and publishing each piece of content. With fewer posts on a blog, you won't feel the need to rush to get all your thoughts out on the blog, allowing you to take more time with your content.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Blog

Let's take a look at ways to enhance your blog and help you reach your goal of increasing the number of page views.

5 Ways to Enhance Your Blog

Adding Variety to Your Blog with Images

When you add a video to your blog, you can go further and create variations of that same video to add variety to your blog.

You can add these variations in a variety of ways. You could add these variations as segments to existing videos. You can add these variations as full-length videos. You can add these variations as web pages that link to your blog.

Regardless of how you choose to add variety to your blog, it's important to keep this in mind: more isn't necessarily better. If you're not careful, adding variety to your blog can cause your readers to lose interest because they don't have enough to latch on to and to your content. You don't want that.

So here are four ways to add variety to your blog. This post will walk you through each.

Add Variety with Videos

It’s now been quite a few years since the days of the little-known YouTube phenomenon VidMob, whose incredible videos on various topics of interest were garnering millions of views. While that form of original content has been a bit overtaken by the plethora of other channels that now offer content, there is still room for those that offer an experience that can’t be had elsewhere.

As a solution to that problem, a new trend that is emerging on the market is the use of video as a means of engagement. Though it isn’t something that is particularly new, there are some specific reasons why the concept is proving to be extremely effective right now. One of those reasons is the rise in the value of content that is interactive.

Add Variety with Quotes

"The more complex, the more carefully considered the wording of a claim, the greater the likely hood it will be believed."

–H.P. Lovecraft

People are inundated with news of the ever-increasing amounts of stupidity and destruction being committed by stupid and destructive people every day, including if you were a fan of the news on Tuesday, let alone my own updates.

Some things are definitely worse now than they ever have been, or perhaps they just have more media attention than ever before.


The goal of every blogger is to create the best and most useful content for their readers. However, what is the best way to create content that is interesting and gets people to return to your blog? Content marketers may use a variety of methods to create the most compelling content.

In this article, you'll learn about 4 great new content types that bloggers and content marketers are using. By adding one of these four new content types to your blog, you'll be able to draw more visitors and keep them longer.

Visit the next page to learn about each of these new content types.

Fleet Growth Tips: One Great Approach

While many bloggers may use static blog posts, like many other internet marketing techniques, there are certain things that can be done to make a content blog stand out.

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